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Fig Bread

Fig bread, 5 units of 200grs. Each, 80% Spanish dried figs, almonds, nuts and cinnamon.

100% vegetable product.



Fig bread of Arab origin is a typical dessert in Spanish cuisine. Fig bread “Gourmet Salguero” is a product with natural ingredients from the fields of Extremadura, specifically from the town of Cristina (province of Badajóz), it is a product without preservatives or colorings, with a high energy and nutritional value.

“Gourmet Salguero”, offers a high quality fig bread and a tasty texture that gives sweetness to the palate, the family recipe of the Salguero, is composed of products from our land (Spain), with the care of always taking care of the harvest every year to get all the good energetic and tasty properties to our diners. A true delicatessen made with figs selected one by one.

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Weight1 kg

2477 Kcal/595KJ

63.28 g

7.42 g

3.30 g

2.09 g

14.00 g

0.0075 g


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